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Updated: September 27, 2023

Tabex® 100 Tablets – Tabex UK buy Tabex.

Tabex is an original Bulgarian stop smoking aid from plant origin intended for the treatment of smoking.

Tabex Cytisine.

Buy Tabex and quit smoking 1 pack (100 tablets). Original Sopharma Product Manufactured in Bulgaria.

TABEX Cytisine Sopharma.

Shipping Worldwide! Cytisine the brand name Tabex produced by the Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma AD. It was first marketed in Bulgaria.

Tabex by Sopharma | Tabex UK and Worldwide.

Tabex UK. Original stop smoking aid by Sopharma Bulgaria. Tabex is natural, effective, safe. Buy Tabex UK, USA and Australia. Tabex contains Cytisine.

History of Tabex | Tabex by Sopharma Bulgaria – Tabex to Quit Smoking.

Tabex History. TABEX® is an original Bulgarian herbal medicinal product of plant origin with over 40 years of research.

Tabex UK | Available Throughout the UK, Australia & USA.

Sopharma of Bulgaria is the manufacturer of Tabex Cytisine. Materials used on counterfeits are not certificated and can be harmful.

Tabex Cytisine – the Stop Smoking Aid of Today.

Tabex is an original Bulgarian drug of plant origin for treatment of cigarette smoking addiction. It is developed on the basis of the alkaloid.

Soviet-era pill from Bulgaria helps smokers quit.

Cytisine, sold as Tabex by Sopharma AD, a Bulgaria-based company, is derived from laburnum seeds, which contain a natural nicotine substitute.

Tabex Cytisine | Tabex Shipping to UK and Australia.

Developed in Bulgaria, Tabex® Cytisine is the anti‑smoking product manufactured by ‘Sopharma Bulgaria’.

Pharma Company Bets on Anti-Smoking Drug Amid Acquisitions.

Bulgaria’s biggest publicly-traded drug maker Sopharma awaits FDA approval for smoking cessation drug Tabex.

Global Ambitions For A Bulgarian Pill To Help Smokers Quit.

A Bulgarian pharmaceutical company has sold the drug in Eastern Europe as under the brand name Tabex since 1964.

Pfizer faces off-patent smoking drug threat.

With Sopharma selling Tabex in Bulgaria, that could present a challenge to Champix of Chantix.


Tabex produced by the Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma AD. It was first marketed in Bulgaria in 1964 and then became widely available.

Giving up smoking:  Tabex anti-smoking pills – My Bulgaria.

If you feel the same, Ii am posting this as a testament to the Bulgarian anti-smoking pills, which go under the name TABEX 1.5 mg in a box of 100 pills.

A step further for Sopharma’s Tabex in the US.

Plans for Tabex trials. The company plans to commence a large-scale, placebo controlled Phase 3 trial of cytisine (marketed in Bulgaria as Tabex).

Tabex® – Sopharma natural alternative for smoking cessation.

Comparison with other nicotine-containing drugs for treatment of tobacco dependence as well as analysis of clinical trials in Bulgaria and other countries are accomplished. The place of Tabex® in nowadays therapy of tobacco dependence is summarized.

Stop Tobaco

Tabex is a cytisine drug for the treatment of smoking cessation. Tabex was tested for the fifth time in Bulgaria back in 1965.

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Cheap Bulgaria Tabex Products and Suppliers – Source lots of Tabex Products at Health & Medical, Herbal Extract from Bulgaria.

Healthy means Happy | Sopharma Group.

As the largest Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma AD achieve acquired the rights to commercialize Sopharma’s Tabex in the US.


Tabex® has been licensed in Eastern Europe as an aid to smoking cessation for many years. The drug is produced in Bulgaria.

TABEX blue Cytisine Original brand 100 tablets Quit smoking.

TABEX blue Cytisine Original brand 100 tablets Quit smoking from Bulgaria on eBay!

Sopharma Informatics.

In the spring of 1933, in the suburbs of Sofia, the beginning of Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacturer Sopharma, one of the most successful Bulgarian enterprises of all times.


Sopharma AD is a company registered in Bulgaria. The traditional products of the Group (and in particular Tabex, Tribestan, Carsil and Tempalgin) are key contributors to its revenue from export markets, while for the domestic sales the most important products are generics, of which the leading drug is Analgin.

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