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Updated: September 27, 2023

Tabex – Lareb.

Tabex® has been licensed in Eastern Europe as an aid to stop smoking. In 2017 Netherland Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb informed.

Pool Shock – Holland Home Leisure.

Replaces Tabex Blast.

Pills ‘could help smokers quit’.

Tabex, which contains the active ingredient cytisine, is obtained from laburnum seeds. He expected to see a flood of internet orders for Tabex once news about the drug got out. Holland Casino gets ready to launch online.

Getting cytisine licensed for use worldwide.

Ireland, Luxemburg, Holland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland … protected version of Tabex (cytisine)’ outside central and eastern Europe.

Getting cytisine licensed for use world‐wide: a call to action.

Finland, Iceland, France, Ireland, Luxemburg, Holland, New Zealand, it remains unknown where the new version of Tabex will be priced.

Development of Novel Pharmacotherapeutics for Tobacco Cessation.

Smoking withdrawal treatment with Cytisine (Tabex). Jhou T. C., Fields H. L., Baxter M. G., Saper C. B., Holland P. C. (2009).

Coleman Hawkins with the Ramblers – The Hawk in Holland.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1968 Vinyl release of “The Hawk in Holland” on Discogs.

Africa Bridge.

At Chiefs and Spirits Gallery in Den Haag, Holland, and in galleries in France, In Zimbabwe he was also involved in the Tabex Exhibit 1992.


Carpfishingspain, Aqvatika Lake, Roosenhofsee, Cuyten Boilies, Handmade onderlijnen., Holland Baits Germany, Special Carp, Tabex Nederland, MTC Baits.

Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York.

Guerrilla leader to help end the 11-day twin sieges in northern Holland. No “Balancing”, The Tabex chlorine formula contains no calcium.

Medical Advisor – Merck Group.

Holland Image will do a company project related to the global clinical development of our smoking cessation product Tabex.

Southern African Agribusiness.

Many growers have now visited Holland or some other market, though they usually. In Zimbabwe, Tabex used to perform some R&D work.

Contribution to an Analytical Lunar Theory – NASA/ADS.

Dordrecht-Holland. The table of exponents (TABEX) can either take care of the addresses in the TABEX of the exponents with non-negligible coefficients.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office: Trademarks.

Chem – Y, Fabriek van Chemische Producten N.V., Bodegraven, Holland. TABEX.

Current Bibliography of Epidemiology.

Cytisine (Tabex) as a pharmaceutical aid in stopping smoking.

Cumulated Index Medicus.

See (Tabex). GL Bennett NM, see Holland NH Bennett NM, See Newton – John HF Bennett P, see Burns FJ Bennett PB: Review of Tabex.

The prevalence of tobacco smoking and attitudes.

Bupropion and 14.7% prescribed Tabex. Table 2 shows details of using Tabex. 21 lung specialists in Holland used the strategy of minimal intervention for smoking cessation.

Tabex & perhaps Caribbean Airlines minimum age.

My question is, do Tabex and even CA usually have minimum age requirements for new hires and also given the current situation.

Where are our queens?  The Herald.

Women’s football here began around 1988 with teams like Tabex Queens, as curtain raisers to the game between Bafana and Holland.

List of airline codes.

This is a list of all airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline … TBX, Tobago Express, TABEX, Trinidad and Tobago. TCA, Tropican Air … HV, TRA, Transavia Holland, TRANSAVIA, Netherlands.

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